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Football Coaching at the Highest Level

Our Promise, Your Promise

We can all dream… and dreams, hopes and ambitions are what life is all about whether it’s on the football pitch, in the classroom or whatever career you follow. It is our responsibility to ensure we offer a safe, happy and caring learning environment, where all pupils achieve their true potential in as many areas of their schooling as possible. This is our promise to you, and one that is translated into our Academy coaching methods.

Developing through the Elite or Academy route is challenging, and as we offer our promise to educate and coach, we want you as parents to give us your promise in return. Quite simply, we’ll expose your child to as many opportunities we believe they are suited for, that’s our promise, and your promise is to support your child and us, in knowing what’s best for their personal and football career progression.

We don’t give false hopes. We’ll present realistic targets and in turn, through nurturing and individual student attainment, we’re confident your child will encounter a range of opportunities and experiences to enhance their development.

Responsibility To Educate

Moorland prides itself on being a truly inclusive school in every way. It is our responsibility to educate both in the classroom and on the sports field. Academically we offer a large variety of options to suit every child’s choice. This includes being able to opt for a number of subjects that can be combined into one study programme, an option that wouldn’t be available to children in other schools.

Whilst ‘signed’ on the Academy programme, training is intense and immensely gratifying for both parent and child. Partaking in several intensive coaching sessions each week, players develop the skills, agility, awareness and technique to play at an impressive and intelligent level. It is this ethos that permeates through your child’s academic education at Moorland. A challenging and varied learning environment awaits all Elite and Academy students, not only developing their football skills but helping to also form the person.

Moorland International Football Academy is a truly inspirational program that combines first class football skills development with educational opportunities. That’s what people tell us, and it’s true. My name is Charlie Jackson and I lead the training development on the Elite and Academy programmes. Here at Moorland, we haven’t simply thrown together the International Football Academy – it is the culmination of years of carefully developed coaching methods which focus upon unrivalled delivery, mentoring, and social development techniques, helping

produce the best football talent. With our training facilities located in the heart of the Ribble Valley on the Moorland School Campus, we are proud of the very individual culture within the programme. Academic tuition is seamlessly blended with innovative football coaching, providing a truly unique offering.

Elite & Academy

We are delighted that Charlie agreed to join us at Manchester City. Charlie has many years of experience coaching at the highest level in Academy football. We are confident under Charlie’s leadership at the Regional Centre we will continue to produce Academy players for Manchester City.

- Trevor Todd – Junior Academy Manager Manchester City FC